Termo-Lite Series

Termo-Lite is the brand new La Forni Tecnica serie of smart dimension furnaces and equipment designed for Lean Production.

Termo-Lite is where experience,  quality and flexibility meets small and dedicated production. Laboratory or trial chamber furnaces or Pit furnaces for achieving small production with high quality standard.

With Charlie, our virtual operator, you can see from left to right three front furnaces Model 1, 1L and 2, a Pit furnace Model 4, a mesh belt furnace model 6 and a rotary retort furnace model 7 with a quench tank.

Termo-Lite has developed a line of standard equipment to meet market demands. Standard equipment can have a price up to 30% less than a customized one and with a wide range of optionals and accessories a standard equipment can reach a high level of personalization to fit your necessities.

If you are looking for a small production furnace to overcome costs and leadtime of an external purchaser for your thermal processes on your components but, at the same you want an economic solution both as investment and as energy savings that’s where Thermo-Line meets your demand. 

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