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Our machine to produce the best Endogas quality ever!

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Main Features:Lo-Dew Generator

  • Less expensive to run
  • High efficiency
  • No soot production
  • High quality atmosphere
  • Low Dew point
  • Atmosphere: 17% CO – 20% H – 63% N2

General Purpouse:

  • The Lo-Dew Endogas Generator produces endothermic atmosphere for hardening and tempering, carburizing and carbonitriding of steels

In the Lo-Dew Generator the combustion products of the heating system (primary circuit) are recovered, washed and introduced, with the addition of methane, in the secondary circuit where catalyzed reactions took place.
There is a total separation of the exothermic reaction of combustion outside the retorts while inside of the retort there is only an endothermic reaction.
This above involves a remarkable driving stability and temperature of the Lo-Dew Generator despite of the traditional Endo Generator.

It is in fact well known the capacity of the Lo-Dew Generator of producing gas with a very low dew point (equivalent to high carbon potential at the temperature of the oven treatment) without the formation of soot, as normally occurs with traditional Endogas Generators.

It also produces, as a free product, a completely inert atmosphere consisting of CO2 and N2, Dew Point equal to the cooling water temperature, which can be used for the protection of steel at low temperatures and for washing of the furnaces in replacement of air without danger of overheating.
The practical performance is about 5.2 mc of atmosphere produced for each mc of methane consumed.



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