Our Oxygen Probe suitable for carbon potential control

Main Features:HOLO-CARB-T 900_Fotor

  • High precision (±0.03% C)
  • Totally interchangeable with other manufacturer’s probes and instrumentation
  • Different size available
  • Easy installation
  • Cheap maintenance
  • High reliability

General applications:

Carbon potential control during heat treatment process in atmosphere

In the heat treatment carburizing and carbonitriding process, the carbon potentia control takes on an important role for the success of the process.
Having a reliable and precise equipement offers a significant and qualitative advantage.
The oxygen probe Holo-Carb-T, beacuse it is put inside the chamber, allows you to get an instant and continuous value.
The sensor generates a voltage that is proportional to the oxygen concentration and temperature then the carbon potential at given temperature is obtained.

Available size:

  • T 600
  • T 900

Schema HOLO-CARB-T_Fotor

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