Cast belt continuous furnaces


Main Features:foto 3_Fotor

  • Fully automated lines
  • No need of thooted rollers, due to a patented system that insures longer conveyor belt life
  • Oil layer separation system, working without any leakage
  • Effective heating system with U-shaped radiant tubes and external heat recuperators, requiring no maintenance
  • Quality treatments, according to customer’s need, achievable through a supervising system
  • The tempering furnace, equipped with a re-circulated gas direct flame heating system, allows a very high energetic efficiency while producing a protective atmosphere that is able to burnish the treated pieces


General Purpouse:Catturasde_Fotor

  • Carbonitriding
  • Hardening
  • Suitable for Fasteners



The plant is set up as follows:

  • An automated loading system including a case elevator, a vibrating Hopper, a dosing and weighting system
  • A washing system for degreasing, dephosphating and drying
  • A conveyor belt that feeds the furnace loading system
  • A vibrating loading system for the hardening furnace that achieves uniform piece distribution on the conveyor belt (with such a system, loading happens with no danger for threads, since bolts suffer no shocks)
  • A hardening furnace with a conveyor belt especially suited for fasterners with a minumum diamenter of 3 mm
  • An oil quenching pit equipped with a conveyor belt and oil stirring and cooling systems
  • An intermediate gas-heated washer with alkaline detergent
  • A further vibrator for the tempering furnace, similar to the one feeding the hardening furnace
  • A continuous tempering furnace with direct flame heating
  • A pit for cooling in soluble oil, equipped with a conveyor belt
  • A control board for managing the whole line
  • A supervising system including a Siemens PLC and a Holo-View station, housed in external PC
  • An oxygen probe and a Holo-Carb La Fornitecnica regulator to control and regulate the carbón potential


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