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La ForniTecnica S.r.l. (LFT) is an italian based company active in the development and manufacturing of all types of equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
Historically, we supplied equipment, mainly to the automotive industry, for the manufacture of all types of components, such as bearings, high tensile bolts, gears, transfoto dittamission, clutch parts etc.
We have also supplied to the earth moving machine industry and related component suppliers, along with the oil drilling sector.
For over 10 years LFT has also been active in the production of Aluminium brazing equipment using the Nocolok process (CAB). We have manufactured over the years several equipments for the automotive heat exchanger industry.
LFT has also manufactured major equipment for austempering of ductile iron (ADI) in fully automated equipment. Following the heat treatment process the mechanical properties of cast iron are substantially improved.
We have been active in the retrofitting of all the installations we made in past and even the installations made by others. Engeneering the new components according to the latest improvement in the heat treatment field and update the old equipment with the new technology development.
We have supplied equipment for:
Carburizing, carbo-nitriding, hardening, annealing, normalising, aluminium brazing, isothermal annealing with or without atmosphere, sintering, etc.
All the products we manufactured are designed and engineered specially to suit customer requirements.New Image
We also have a standard integral quench batch type series, and can manufacture fully automated salt bath equipment for special treatments. These can be used in conjunction with atmosphere furnaces or for total salt batch treatment.
We produce all types of gas generators.
It is worth considering our Lo-Dew generator, today the cheapest way to produce quality atmosphere without soot and with low Hydrogen contenent. A new patented development is our flexible generator that in addition to its unique modular design that allows the generator to grow when requirements change also has the capability to change its gas composition automatically as a function of process real time requirements.
Modern furnaces require sophisticated control and management system. To satisfy this need LFT has developed, along the years, a furnace control and management system that is recognised as being amongst the most advanced, yet simple to operate system available.
All our software are Windows based and are completely developed by LFT through the many years of experience.


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